Material explorations

Laser cut pattern | Mylar plastic

The Wearable Fashion Orchestra (2014)

The Wearable Fashion Orchestra explores the possibilities of a wearable as a new way to perform a concert or a contemporary dance choreography. It is a live show that merges fashion and technology to establish an intimate interaction between the wearable/instrument and the dancer/performer, a […]

Close to the body + Performativity Matters (2014)

The projects Close To The Body (ESDI) and Performativity Matters (Mediaestruch) joined forces to investigate how the body affects the materials and how these materials influence the body at the same time. A theoretical and practical workshop in which we reflected on the subject-object problem […]

Smarts Fabric Conference (2013)

Extract from my keynote presentation at Smart Fabrics Conference held in Barcelona last 31th October 2013. ‘How to communicate research in smart textile design’ How do people know about wearables? Most of the innovations in smart textile design are normally open to a professional audience and […]

Close to the Body research studio (2013)

The appearance of smart textile technology leads to completely new possibilities to design for human wellbeing. The research studio explores this emergent design space and proposes a new design practice. A practice that acknowledges that textiles are an intimate and central element in daily life, […]

The Touch Project (2012)

‘TOUCH’ project is an international art project that explores tactility in relation to knowledge, creativity, cultural practices and innovation in art. The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation. The ‘TOUCH’ project involves FabriC Association, the International Council for Cultural Centers (I3C), the Bread […]

Wool World Award – I.W.T.O (2006)

Wool World Award was organised by International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) which aim is to promote the use of wool among the textile industry. ‘Light in Darkness’ is an exploration of phosphorescent qualities in a woven fabric. A phosphorescent yarn was twisted around wool tape […]