The Touch Project (2012)


‘TOUCH’ project is an international art project that explores tactility in relation to knowledge, creativity, cultural practices and innovation in art. The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation. The ‘TOUCH’ project involves FabriC Association, the International Council for Cultural Centers (I3C), the Bread Houses Network, ESDi Design School (Spain) and Cultura 21 Nordic (Denmark).

As a member of ESDi Design School team, I proposed a performance-exhibition called ‘Tactile knowledge through textiles’ in which participants could interact with a large-scale thermochromic fabric.

‘Tactile knowledge through textiles’

Our senses are linked together to provide more information and an accurate knowledge from everything around us. For instance, the ear sense can provide or enhance us the tactile information. If we touch a rough fabric, the noise from the feedback amplifies the action. If we do the same using a pair of earphones we deprive us of that auditory response, tactile sensation would be different and therefore it would force ourselves to pay more attention to the strict sense of touch. Regarding to textiles, touch sense is really relevant to feelings and comfort level, especially when we use them to dress ourselves. But beyond this basic need and in the current context of innovative proposals in textile design, we see that many existing interactions as illuminate a textile, release aromas or generate vibrations in a garment are carried out by touching.

In this context of new textile materials that have a direct relationship to the touch, arises the research proposal: to create a playful interaction on a textile through touch sense, with the intention of making it visible . In order to get that, I experiment with thermo-chromic pigments applied to a fabric by screen printing, causing a color change on it when is touched (temperature). In this way, the sense of touch is enhanced by becoming ‘visually’. This is a proposal – performance, where interactions are created on a large-size textile, leaving an ephemeral footprint. The exhibition consists on 2 explanatory cardboards (text + images), large size thermo-chromic textiles (interactive) and thermo-chromic small samples with different senses of touch.

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performance at Byala (Bulgary)

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Exhibition at ESDi Design School

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