Conferences and Presentations

‘The Wearable Fashion Orchestra’ presentation at ‘Shaping (un)common grounds’, ArcInTex Symposium and Design Films: Embodied Interaction Research Tecniques at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Eindhoven, October 13th to 17th 2014.

‘The Wearable Fashion Orchestra’ performance – exhibition at Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, December 16th 2014. Most innovative Spanish project of 2014, The App Date Awards 2014.

‘The Wearable Fashion Orchestra’ performance-exhibition at FAB10, From Fab Labs to Fab Cities, Barcelona, July 5th 2014.

Speaker at EmTech España – MIT Technology Review: ‘Research practices in the smart textiles and wearable design field’. November 12th 2014.

Speaker at Barcelona Digital Global Congress: ‘Close to the Body’ research studio: a phenomenological approach to wearable design. Barcelona, May 29th 2014.

Speaker at MIRA Visual Arts Festival: ‘Close to the Body research studio’. Barcelona, November 15th 2013.

Keynote Speaker in Smart Fabrics Conference: ‘Exploring a new model to communicate research in smart textile design’. Barcelona, October 30th 2013.